Our process of mulching the grass instead of blowing it out the side is not only safer, but also keeps all of the clippings out of the garden areas & off the mulch. Included with mowing is a edging-style trim around all driveways, sidewalks, garden areas, and trees. Also included is a gentle blowing of all the clippings back into the grass around the yard.

Because we use walk-behind mowers instead of riding mowers, it allows us to not only cut hills without tearing your yard up, but also reduces mud tracks when conditions are wet. If you have had heavy equipment & inexperienced operators do a number on your yard, you will appreciate how we train our employees to leave it looking the best in the neighborhood.

What makes us ultra precise is the little things we do & don't do because of our commitment to quality. This includes:
     •Not cutting when we will damage the yard or leave         mudtracks.
     •Cutting back the mowing schedule from weekly to
        every other week in the summer heat.
     •Bagging the leaves in the fall instead of mulching them is         available for an additional charge.

Please click request a quote or call us at 3143240625 so we can get some basic information from you to deliver a quote.

Q: Do you offer Fertilizing?
A: Yes, we offer fertilizing discounts to our mowing
     customers. We recommend fertilizing every other month      starting in March and ending in early November.
     (5 applications)

Q: Is it possible to request what day of the week to be cut?
A: Yes. While we can't mow everyone's grass on one day of
     the week, we work with you to pick a day of the week      that works best for your schedule and ours.

Q: Do I have to sign a contract?
A: No. We instead agree on a price per cut for the cutting      season. It forces us to pay attention to detail on every
     cut and maintain a quality standard week to week.

We do not require you to be home while we mow & will send invoices at the end of the month when services are performed. Payment in cash or check is expected before the due date or late fees may be charged.

Our lawn mowing service area includes:
      Ballwin, Chesterfield, Creve Coeur, Des Peres, Ellisville,       Frontenac, Ladue, Maryland Heights & Town and Country.